What happened to Zoe Campos?

This case is on the disappearance of a teenage girl from Texas. There are so many suspects and mysterious things about this case that make it so interesting and puzzling. I feel like this case should be in the media a lot more than it is which is why I will be sharing it on here.


Zoe Campos was from Lubbock, Texas. She was 18 years old when she disappeared on November 17, 2013. Zoe loved her family and animals very much. Her family says she has a really big heart.


On the day of her disappearance, Zoe was with her mom, older sister, and her sisters children. She left for a little bit to see a friend who just had a baby. There were other people there that Zoe did not know so she congratulated her friend and left. After she got back, Zoe and her sister went out to eat for dinner and their mother went to work at her night shift at the bar. She then went back with her sister to her apartment where they watched movies and eventually went to bed around 11 p.m. Zoe’s sister said she looked comfy on the couch and ready to fall asleep so she was assuming Zoe was going to go up to bed soon after her. This is the last time her family would see her.

Around 2:20 a.m. Zoe’s mother was clocking out of her work shift and she received a text message from Zoe asking if she needed to be picked up because her car was in the shop. Her mother of course said yes and waited for Zoe to come get her. After 10 or 20 minutes of waiting she started to get worried and call Zoe. The first call her phone rang normally but nobody picked up. The next time she tried to call, it went straight to voicemail. Her mom assumed Zoe had fallen asleep so she went to stay at a friends house for the night. The next morning, November 18, Zoe’s sister woke up and was surprised to find that Zoe was nowhere to be seen. After all she had assumed she was sleeping on the couch overnight. After discovering her car was gone as well, her sister then called their mother to see if she knew where Zoe was. They realized that neither of them knew where Zoe was so they got worried and called her a lot. The phone calls went straight to voicemail every time. This worried her family even more because, like most teenagers, Zoe was attached to her phone and always had a charger on her. It was very unusual for her phone to be dead this long.

Mysterious Clues

At around 5 p.m. the family called the police and filed a missing person report. The family organized searches and put missing person flyers everywhere. They knew something was wrong because Zoe was not the type to run away or not call. The police tried to track her cell phone but it was either dead or turned off because nothing came up. Then, something crazy happened. Around 36 hours after Zoe went missing, Zoe’s aunt was driving home and saw a car pass by her that looked a lot like Zoe’s car. Her gut feeling told her that this could be her nieces car so she turned around and started to follow this car. She then called Zoe’s mother looking for any specific details about her car and was able to confirm it was indeed Zoe’s car by some damage it had on the bumper. So Zoe’s aunt was following whoever was driving Zoe’s car! What are the odds of that!? Her aunt felt relieved they had found Zoe until she pulled up next to the car. Instead of Zoe being the driver, it was a man with a gray hood covering his face. He seemed to be the only one in the car.

Panicked, Zoe’s aunt wanted to keep following this man so she called her son and told him to follow the car as well, telling him the directions. She didn’t want to put herself in a dangerous spot. Although being sneaky about following him, the mystery driver suddenly veered off the road and went down a small path. Obviously he discovered that something was up. She didn’t want to follow the man for her own safety so she kept driving until she met up with her son. They both went together down the path Zoe’s car went and found the car abandoned at a place called Driftwood Apartments. The family called the police who immediately came to search the vehicle and said the man driving the car must have gotten scared and abandoned the car and left. No one at the apartment complex knew anything about the car.

Inside the car, police found some alarming things. There was duct tape in the car, however Zoe’s family said this is not strange because she kept duct tape in her car to patch up or fix little things inside the car. They also found some of her clothes, a mens hooded jack (probably the one her aunt saw on the man driving the car), and her phone charger which was in the back seat. This again was alarming to Zoe’s family because she never left he phone charger. This new evidence made the police more worried too because they no longer saw her as a runaway. They looked into her phone records and found some important and confusing things. Her last text message was around 2 a.m. which was the one she sent to her mother offering to get her from work. The last place her phone recorded her at was within one mile of Lowry Field in Lubbock, Texas. This area was known for drugs and prostitution and Zoe’s family did not see any reason that Zoe would willingly go there.


Between 1 and 1:30 a.m. Zoe made a phone call to a man who was a family friend. He was around her fathers age. They spent around a half hour on the phone. Everyone thought this was very odd because Zoe of course knew the man but they never seemed to be close. Plus  a 1 a.m. phone call for a half hour with her dad’s friend is pretty odd already. Police brought this man in for questioning where he claimed that he was very drunk that night and remembers nothing. Pretty suspicious…. The police then asked him to take a polygraph test which he accepted. He passed the test on every question accept the question where they asked if he knew where Zoe is. Him failing that question is pretty alarming, however as everyone knows polygraph tests are not always accurate and just being nervous can make someone fail a question. Zoe’s mother then confronts him and he answers with the same explanation that he was drunk and does not even remember speaking to Zoe.

Police then began questioning Zoe’s ex boyfriend of over two years. They figured since she had left her house in the middle of the night it was to see a friend or a boy and she did not have a boyfriend at the time. This boyfriend was very cooperative and tells the police officers that he had not seen or spoken with Zoe in a pretty long time. Police did not find anything suspicious about him so they did not consider him a suspect. Then they found out that Zoe had had another boyfriend after this one. They only dated for a short period of time and Zoe’s mom claims that Zoe hid this relationship from the family because he had a criminal record and a baby with another young woman and that is not the type of man her family wants her with. Eventually Zoe did tell her family about him though and they even met him. Both Zoe’s mother and sister say that they got bad feelings from this guy. He apparently left his girlfriend for Zoe but was really dating both of them behind each others backs. Zoe found out about this and got into a fight with him ending in a break up. The man then stayed with his other girlfriend. Good guy right? Police however ruled him out after this girlfriend of his claims he was with her at her house the whole night that Zoe disappeared. I don’t know about you, but I do not think that this girlfriend is a reliable witness. She stays with him after he was cheating on her and most likely doesn’t like Zoe! I believe she would cover for him.

The police then went to Zoe’s friends house who just had a baby. They questioned her and everyone else who was there the day that Zoe disappeared and did not find anything suspicious. That is until they started going through Zoe’s Facebook messages. They found messages from a young man who had been at her friends house that day. When interviewed he seemed normal, claiming he did remember her and stating the correct time that she had left the house. He never mentioned seeing her after that even though their Facebook conversation stated otherwise. This man was in fact the reason that Zoe left her house in the first place. Sometime around 11:30 p.m. he started messaging her to come over and smoke some weed with him. She said no at first because she had just met him, but after a little while she decided to go. After police questioned him with this new information, the boy claimed that he didn’t tell the police this information because he did not want to get in trouble for the weed. This seems like a bad excuse however for a teenager it does make some sense. After all she was just missing, maybe he did not think anything serious was happening and didn’t want to get in trouble.

He claims when Zoe got to his house they just talked on his front porch for a little. He says she never even came inside because he actually did not have any weed. We can only assume there was a different motive behind him wanting her to come over, which is sex. He then claimed that after a short amount of time Zoe left to go get some weed for them. Police found messages from him to Zoe a couple hours later asking her where she was at and if she was coming back. Is he really telling the truth or did he purposely send those messages to cover his tracks? Police then looked more into this man and found some alarming messages to many other woman that night. They say he was very sexually aggressive in these messages almost to the point of it being sexual harassment. So, it is pretty obvious what he wanted from Zoe that night. Another important thing to note is that is house is located in the mile radius where Zoe’s phone was last on.

One year later 

About a year after Zoe disappeared, with not much evidence to go on, Zoe’s family hired a private investigator. A tip eventually came in that someone had seen Zoe late that night at a motel in the area. The motel was in that same mile radius where he phone was last recorded. The private investigator interviewed the woman who claims to have seen Zoe at the motel and she seemed to be pretty sure of what she saw. She claims Zoe was walking down some stairs and nothing seemed to be alarming.

The police however are pretty sure that the boy who she met with that night had something to do with her disappearance. They brought in dogs to search the house and ended up finding her scent all over the inside of the house and backyard. The dogs centered around a dumpster behind the mans house and followed the scent down the same path a dump truck would take which is obviously alarming. Also alarming was the fact that they found her scent in many places inside of the house. This man claimed that she had never come inside the house and they just stayed on the front porch. Now he has been caught in two lies.


Zoe’s car was sent to a forensic lab where they found a couple different unknown male DNA. The DNA didn’t match any yet in the database. Police took the mans DNA who had lied about her being in the house however that information has not been released yet.

This is where the information and clues end. Even after all of these years Zoe’s family never gives up hope and continues searching for their loved one. They want to keep Zoe’s story in the media and even had a billboard posted on the busiest street in the area with all of her information on it. There is also a cash reward for any information about her disappearance.


Most of the theories about what happened to Zoe center around the men that I mentioned earlier in this post. The older man who is friends with Zoe’s father and does not remember the half hour conversation they had at 1 a.m. The ex boyfriend who has a criminal past and was cheating on two women. Or, the young man she had just met who lied about seeing her later that night and about her going into his house. All of these guys sound pretty suspicious to me and would not surprise me at all if one of them had murdered her. Especially the one where they found her scent in the dumpster behind his home. He was obviously wanting sex, and maybe he did something to Zoe if she did not give that to him. Or did she really leave to go get weed and not come back? Maybe that is the reason she called her dads friend, to get weed, and he did something to her. It is impossible to know. But she did send that text to her mom around 2 a.m. so she was still alive well after she left the boys house and didn’t seem to have any intentions of coming back.

The next theory is what the family truly believes happened, that she is a victim of human trafficking. The area her car was found and the last area her cell phone was recored at was a pretty bad area known for this type of thing. Plus the tip about seeing her in a motel in this area makes it pretty possible that this is true. Maybe Zoe was getting weed from someone at the motel and someone saw the opportunity to take her and took it. Maybe she was meeting up with her dads friend after their long phone call there. This was in Texas which is obviously on the border to Mexico so she could have quickly been moved to slavery in Mexico which would make her pretty hard to find. Really, anything is possible.

All of the different suspects and possibilities make this case pretty hard to solve or even get a good theory of what happened. So many suspicious people are involved as well as all the mysterious things found in Zoe’s phone records. I hope this case will come to an end very soon and her family can get answers. I am really interested to hear what you think happened so leave a comment below!

What happened to Enrique Rios and Elijah Moore?

This case is the disappearance of two teen boys from California. Enrique was from Esparta, California and Elijah was from Woodland, California. They both went to the same high school in Woodland, California. These two cases are paired together because their are so many similarities that FBI even considers them connected. For instance, both boys were on parol for being in the same fight. They also both attended the same work program after school which was for young adults who were on parol. There were only 13-15 students in this work program. Both of the boys parents said they are not sure if the boys were friends at all before this period.                      15037242_1389737044431884_8866578056770083557_n

Enrique Rios 

I will begin with the disappearance of Enrique Rios because he disappeared first. According to his mother, Lola, Enrique did have a troubled past but was a really sweet kid. He had run away a couple times but had always come back within a few days. He had some troubles with the law, obviously being on parol, but this work program was seeming to help him a lot. Enrique was excited about earning his own money and being productive, he was getting back on the right track. She also said that he loved his little sister more than anything and would never have left her. Unknown.jpeg

The last time Lola saw her son was on the night of October 16, 2016 at 9 p.m. He was 16 years old at this time. She said he was wearing only shorts and a t-shirt which were clothes he usually wears to bed. She said goodnight to him and went to bed like every other night. The next morning Lola woke up to get Enrique and her younger daughter ready for school. They had a pretty scheduled routine, especially since Enrique was required to wear his work uniform to school everyday. If he did not, then he would violate his probation. But, when Lola went to wake her son up, he was nowhere to be found. His work uniform was still at the house and she had just seen him seemingly ready to go to bed last night so this of course worried Lola. She called and texted him multiple times and finally got a text message from him at around 7 a.m. saying that he had decided to spend the night at a friends house and he was getting ready and going to school with this friend. When his mother brought up the work clothes, Enrique texted back saying that this friend he was with had an extra pair that he could borrow. His mother of course assumed then that this friend was in the work program with her son and Enrique confirmed this. Remember this program was pretty small so there is a pretty small list of people he could have been with.

Lola felt a little better but was still worried her son would get into trouble with his probation officer. She checked in with his school later on that day and discovered that Enrique had never shown up to school but everyone else in the work program had. So the friend he was with showed up but Enrique didn’t? Lola assumed her son was being rebellious again started texting him telling him to come home. He would respond occasionally with odd text messages saying he needed some space and that he was too overwhelmed. This didn’t make sense to his mother at all because he always talked about how much he was enjoying this work program. Eventually, after a few days, Enrique stopped responding all together and that is when his mother filed a police report. The police automatically treated it as a runaway case. Lola however was suspicious of this because her son had on shorts and a t-shirt the last night she saw him and it was pretty chilly in California around that time. He also took nothing but his cell phone with him. His wallet containing his money and ID was still in his bedroom so he left with literally nothing but the clothes on his back and his cell phone. His cell phone only allowed his to call important numbers like his family so Enrique downloaded an app where he could call friends. This app didn’t record numbers or anything however so whoever Enrique may have called that night can not be found. This us usually very important to missing person cases.

His mother then went onto social media posting pictures of Enrique and informing everyone he was missing. None of his friends or classmates came out with any clues or information. Oddly every time Lola posted this on social media a man named Marco would be tagged. He never commented on any of the posts he was tagged in which seems pretty suspicious. Lola went to the police and begged them to put Enrique’s case on the media and they never did it, which is very sad. One last thing that Lola says is proof Enrique did not just run away is the fact that he would have been very embarrassed by these social media posts his mom was putting all of the city. She knows her son better than anyone and says he would have been calling telling her to take them down.

Elijah Moore

Then, on November 4, 2016, 17 year old Elijah Moore disappeared. Not even a month after his work colleague and classmate Enrique Rios disappeared. He was last seen at a check cashing place in Woodland after just talking to his mother on the phone. His mother said he seemed completely fine even joking around on the phone before telling her that he had something to do after cashing his check and then he would be home. Unfortunately he never came home.

Elijahs mother, Alicia, started texting his close friends wondering if they had seen him. One friend said that Elijah was supposed to meet him for lunch after cashing his check but never showed. This friend then called Elijah, and just like with Enrique, no one answered the phone but immediately responded with a text message. This is obviously very suspicious because if both boys had their phones on them and could text back, why didn’t they just answer the phone? The text Elijahs friend received from his was pretty unusual and did not sound like Elijah. The friend immediately called back Elijahs mother saying that something was not right and he did not think it was Elijah who had sent that text message. They showed this text to Elijahs older brother who was also certain that it was not Elijah. They received another text from Elijahs phone saying that he was with a girl heading to San Francisco. This worried Alicia because they had family in San Francisco and none of them had been contacted. Elijah was a bug family guy who had never once ran away from home. He loved spending time with his family, even taking his friends to his mothers work just to hangout with her. This does not seem like something he would do at all.

The next step for Elijahs mother was to go to the last place he had been seen, the check counting place. Without polices help she could not look at the video cameras yet however she did speak to a worker who had seen Elijah that day. They said he had come in with another person from his work program who was hispanic. They knew they were from the same program because they cashed the same kind of check. After the FBI took over the case they decided to check the footage from the cameras at the check cashing place that day, the video of Elijah was finally released, click here to watch the video. Elijah seemed in a perfectly normal mood, not panicked or acting weird at all. Something odd though was that he seemed to be alone. No one was behind him and he was not talking to anyone. This is weird because the person working there said he had come in with a hispanic person from the same workplace.


For awhile the police still believed that both boys had just run away and their cases were not connected. The FBI however jumped on the case and said they believed the cases were definitely connected and foul play was most likely involved. Both of the boys’ mothers knew something was up however and came to the conclusion that the same person had done something to both of their boys. Elijah was over 6 foot tall and weighed 200 pounds. He also knew marital arts. His mother said he was very sweet but if you made him mad or someone tried to attack him he could very well protect himself. Same for Enrique who was also wasn’t small. This lead the mothers to assume that more than one person is responsible.

The FBI tried pinning both boys phones. Nothing appeared on Enriques however Elijahs showed him walking away from the check place towards home, then way out of Woodland completely, and then back in Woodland again later which was about 30 minutes from the check cashing place. It is believed that Elijah did not have a car of his own so he either took public transportation or was with someone.

Is another case connected?

This is about where these cases end. Police claimed to have interviewed everyone in the work program and some other people but have not released any of the details. Something pretty odd happened a year later that could just be a coincidence however I find it pretty interesting. So around a year later a 27 year old man named Oscar went missing. He was in the adult program of the same exact work program Elijah and Enrique were in. The adult and youth programs work at the same places together. He got into a fight with his parents and went to take a walk and was never found again. A month and a half later he was found dead very close to Woodland California and the check cashing place. He was found face down in the ground with a random car found next to him. The FBI has not stated that these cases are connected.


Both of the boys’ mothers believe that someone had gained the boys trust and led them into a bad situation. Neither boys seemed to be unhappy in their lives or the workplace and they did not bring anything that normally people would want to bring if they ran away like wallets or money or extra clothes. Elijah had never even run away before or showed any characteristics of it. He even spoke and joked around on the phone with his mother right before he disappeared saying that he would be home soon.

Another theory is that the boys ran away together and planned the whole thing. Maybe they became close at the program and Enrique, who had run away before, talked Elijah into running away with him.

What I think. Let me know your thoughts!

I believe that the boys did not run away on their own and someone in their work program had something to do with it. It has to be more than a coincidence that both boys were in this same program that consisted of only 13-15 people and disappeared less than a month apart. They also both left odd text messages that did not sound like them at all. Plus the man from the older version of the work program was found dead mysteriously! The work program was for troubled people, their could have been gang members in the program and saw the boys as easy targets. Even if it wasn’t someone in the work program who did it, boys on parol and in trouble with the law are pretty easy targets. The police just considered them runaways right off the bat because of their past. Maybe they told the boys they had to do something for their work program and then murdered them. That explains why Enrique didn’t bring a wallet or extra clothes, believing that he was leaving real quick and then would be back. Also why Elijah said he had something to do before coming home from the check place that obviously wasn’t meeting with his friend because he never showed up.

The boys families are never giving up still trying to bring attention to these cases. There are cash rewards for any tips about the boys’ disappearance. I really hope these boys are found and whoever may have done something to them brought to justice. Let me know what you think happened!



What Happened to the Jamison Family?

This case is very sad and very puzzling. It isn’t everyday that a family of 3 just disappears. What police end up finding seems to make the case even more confusing.

The Disappearance

The Jamison family consisted of Bobby, the father, Sherilyn, the mother, and their six year old daughter, Madyson. They lived in Eufaula, Oklahoma. They disappeared on October 8, 2009. Apparently the family had plans to buy a 40-acre plot of land near Red Oak, Oklahoma which is around 30 miles from where they already lived. On October 8, the day they disappeared, the family was seen from a surveillance video packing up their car in a very unusual state. Investigators said that the parents seemed to be almost in a trance. They were seen emotionlessly walking back and forth from house to car, not once looking at or speaking to one another. This does seem very odd to me, it should be an exciting thing to go look for a new plot of land right? I will leave a link to the video right here. After the footage shows their car leaving, the family was never seen again.


After a couple of days where no one had heard from the family, a missing persons report was filed.  The Jamison’s truck was found within a few days of them disappearing near a large plot of land. The truck had not crashed and there seemed to be no evidence of foul play. However what the police found inside the truck was pretty worrisome and confusing. Both of the parents’ phones were found inside as well as the car keys, a GPS, $32,000 in cash, and most importantly, Madyson’s beloved dog, Maisey. The poor dog was close to death from malnutrition but luckily ended up surviving and went to live with a family member. Their family claim that Madyson loved that dog and would never have left it in that state. The family’s cell phones, car keys, GPS, and all of that cash in the car is also very confusing. They seemed to have left on their own will, so why leave all of that stuff? Maybe they just went to check out the land and figured they would be back very soon? Also what about the $32,000 in cash!? I guess that could be explained by them wanting to buy a plot as well but it seems pretty odd to me. Police checked the surrounding woods and found nothing.

There are some other important clues they found in the car as well. For one, Sherilyn had a gun that she usually kept in the car that was never found. There was also an 11 page letter found from Sherilyn to her husband in which she was very aggressive towards him. Her family and friends say that was not unusual. One last thing people find odd is a picture found on Bobby’s phone of his daughter Madyson which was taken the day they disappeared. The six year old was shown leaning up against a rock with her arms crossed and a pretty scared or uncomfortable expression on her face. The family did not want that picture being shown because they strongly believe it was taken by someone else whom Madyson feared.



Then on November 15, 2013, 4 years after the family disappeared, the remains of a male, female, and child were found in the woods only a few miles from where the truck had been found. How the police didn’t find them during the original searches I do not know. The remains were confirmed to be the Jamison family in July of 2014. Sadly the remains were so decomposed there was no way to tell the cause of death. These were very harsh woods with landslides and lots of animals who could have carried some of the bones away. The bodies were laid side by side, face down and Bobby had an unexplained hole in the back of his head. Obviously this hole is very likely to be a gunshot wound.

Odd Family Background

During this whole investigation many weird things started coming out about the family.  For instance they had an interest in witches and witchcraft. Witches bibles were found in the house and even the family’s pastor said the Jamison’s had been involved in some sort of spiritual warfare and Bobby had once asked him for “special bullets” to shoot spirits with.


So on to the theories, which there are a lot of! One theory is a murder suicide. Sherilyn had suffered from bipolar disorder and depression. She had a pistol which was never located and Bobby had a possible gunshot to the back of the head. That along with the 11 page angry letter towards Bobby does make some sense. The things that do not make sense to me about this theory is the fact that I do not believe Sherilyn would kill her six year old daughter, and how the bodies were laid right next to each other in the same exact way. Sure she could have laid Bobby’s and Madyson’s bodies like that but that doesn’t answer how her body got that same way. Even if her body happened to fall like that, wouldn’t the gun be right next to the bodies? Yes there is a possibility the gun was underground or had gotten moved through the forrest however it is still interesting to note. Plus, if Sherilyn was planning on doing this, why bring and leave the dog in the car?  I think this could definitely be possible, but I do not think it is what happened.

The next theory is that their death had something to do with witchcraft or cults. Sherilyns best friend, Niki, admits they were very interested in witches and Satan and Sherilyn would even leave notes around her house for satan. Could this have been some ritual or sacrifice? Although very odd and horrifying this type of thing does happen sometimes. Others believe that the Jamisons may have been afraid of some type of spirit or a cult and maybe the paranoia went too far. Their pastor did mention Bobby asking for special bullets to kill spirits with. People also think that maybe the family was involved with a cult and that is who murdered them, although there is no proof of this. I do not think I believe this theory however it is very interesting and something to keep in mind.

`A more practical theory is that this was drug related. The area they were found in is very known for drug use, especially crystal meth. This could explain the trans like state video tape of the family that day and of course the $32,000 in cash. Sherilyns’s best friend, Niki, said the family was struggling with money problems and wouldn’t be surprised if this was a drug deal gone wrong. Both Bobby and Sherilyn’s parents, however, claim their children would never be involved with drugs and there was no evidence of drugs in the home or the car. Did a drug deal go very wrong? Were the parents really high and disoriented and that lead to their death? I definitely believe their deaths could have been drug related. That much cash in a car is very odd and they were found in a town known for meth addicts.

Some of the other theories are that a random serial killer or any stranger happened to come across them in the woods, maybe even made them pull over their car, and that is who murdered them. This is the theory the families believe. They believe that someone murdered the family and that odd picture taken of Madyson was taken by their killer.  Another is that Bobby’s father did it who had once threatened them however police do not consider him as a suspect. Lastly some people believe the family could have been looking at the plot of land, got lost, and died of natural causes. I think this is very unlikely due to the fact that Bobby most likely had a gunshot wound and again all of the bodies were laid in a similar style. Dying of starvation or other natural causes would have cause the family to die at different times and most likely in different positions.

Tell me what you think!

There are many more interesting theories that I encourage you to look up if interested, Please let me know your theories! I still have no clue what to think about this puzzling case.

“The Imposter” Documentary/Disappearance of Nicholas Barclay

This is one absolutely crazy story that left me mind blown! “The Imposter” documentary is the story about the disappearance of a boy, Nicholas Barclay, and a crazy thing that happened during this case. This was the most unique and shocking story I think I have ever heard. I told everyone I knew about it, so I am excited to share it on here! I highly recommend watching this documentary. It used to be on Netflix but I do not believe it is anymore.


Nicholas Barclay lived with his parents and his two older siblings in San Antonio, Texas. Nicholas was described as kind of a troubled kid. He was sometimes physically and verbally abusive towards his mother, the cops have even been called on him before and they had to go calm him down. He stole a pair of shoes, threatened his teachers, and broke into a convenience store. He always skipped school and he even had three tattoos that were illegal. Keep in mind he is only 13 years old around this time.

   The Disappearance 

Nicholas Disappeared on June 13th, 1994. He was 13 years old at this time and has light brown hair and blue eyes. He was 4’8 and weighed 80 pounds at the time of his disappearance. On June 13th Nicholas’ mother gave him $5 to go and play basketball with his friends at a park a mile or two away from their home. Once he was ready to come home he called his mother to come pick him up. His mother was sleeping however, because she worked nights, so it was his older brother, Jason, who picked up the phone. Jason did not want to wake their mother so he told Nicholas he needed to walk home from the park. This is the last anyone would see of him.

Nicholas obviously wasn’t the best kid and had a past of running away so his family wasn’t too worried yet. That as well as the fact that Nicholas had a court date scheduled for the day after he disappeared led police to not take the case too seriously at first. After the police finally decided to do some searches, Nicholas wasn’t anywhere to be found. His mother suspected he took a ride from a stranger. Then on September 25, 1994, 3 months after his disappearance, his brother, Jason, called the police saying that Nicholas was seen breaking into their garage and then running off. After police arrived and searched the whole area without finding Nicholas, they believed that Jason had lied about seeing him. But why would he lie about something like that?

   Did they finally find Nicholas!?

After 3 years of no new breaks in the case the San Antonio police department received a call from a man from Linares, Spain who works in a youth shelter. This man claimed that they had found Nicholas Barclay alive and in Spain. He says that Nicholas was kidnapped and forced into a child sex ring. This operation was claimed to have been run by high ranking European political and military officials. Nicholas said he had escaped this horrible sex ring. The man also said that Nicholas had learned French and a few other European languages. His family, overjoyed with this news, as sad as it was, sent Nicholas’ sister Carey to fly to Spain to go identify him. Upon getting to the youth shelter Carey quickly confirmed that this boy was indeed her little brother. Nicholas seemed relieved because he didn’t think she would recognize him. Nicholas claimed that he did not remember most of his past. Him and Carey sat together looking at some old family photos to see if it would jog his memory. Soon after pointing out who everyone was, Nicholas claimed that he was starting to remember, and even asked “if grandpa was still an asshole.”. Inorder for Nicholas to be able to fly home, he needed to 100% prove that he was indeed Nicholas Barclay. Nicholas was shown pictures of his family and friends that he has never seen before and asked to name them all. Nicholas only made one mistake and was allowed to leave.

So the family is reunited and everything seems happy right? Well what if I told you that this boy who was believed to be Nicholas Barclay was actually a 23 year old, French, serial imposter!!!! 

The Imposter            980x

This is what the documentary “The Imposter” mainly focuses on. This serial imposter was named Frederic Bourdin. He was known for pretending to be a child and assuming as many as 500 false identities. He had a heavy french accent, dark brown hair, and brown eyes. This sounds nothing like Nicholas right?? Well Frederic, in his last attempt to trick the family into believing he was their son, dyed his hair lighter and put in blue contacts. The documentary tells the story from the first person narrative of Frederick Bourdin himself. He talks about how he went onto the missing persons database of America and that is where he found Nicholas Barclay. He also mentions how he never thought the family would actually believe it was their son.

Frederic lived with the Barclays for almost five months pretending to be their son! how crazy is that. He went to school, hangout with friends, did everything a normal teenager would do. So creepy! Family members outside of the immediate family did raise their suspicions about his indignity but the family would not listen. They truly believed that this was their son. On a  television interview with “Nicholas” he claimed that his eyes were a different color because the people who kidnapped him surgically modified them.. he seemed to have odd answers for everything. Many people who viewed this did not believe that he was the real Nicholas and Policemen even declared that his earlobes were different therefore it was impossible it was actually Nicholas Barclay. Parents still would not listen and refused to have him DNA tested. Were they a hopeful family blinded into thinking their missing son was back? Or was it something bigger? Well eventually they did get his DNA tested and fingerprints taken and of course they found out his real identity was Frederic Bourdin.

The Theory

So this leaves us with the big question, why would the family keep pretending this man was their son!? Yes they could have truly just wanted their son back in anyway shape or form. But once it was obvious this was not Nicholas, why were they so defensive? You would think they would want their actual son back right? Well, Bourdin stated a theory in the documentary that many people now believe. That Nicholas was really never missing, but the family had covered up his death or possibly even murdered him. They couldn’t pretend like Nicholas was dead because that is an obvious red flag, so when they were told he was found maybe they had to go along with it. This theory coming from Bourdin himself who seems very confident he is right is hard to argue with considering he lived with the family for many months and it was very obvious that he was not their son. Then again he is also a crazy serial imposter who is not much of a credible source. Bourdin even called the police to report Nicholas murdered. Bourdin said “They killed him. Some of them did it, some of them knew about it, and some choose to ignore it. I wasn’t worried about Nicholas coming back no more.”. That is a pretty chilling quote. Bourdin wanted to be caught now because he realized this family would never let him go.

What Happened Next?

Police investigated this and suspected there was foul play involved, with Jason Barclay being the main suspect. Jason died soon after over a drug overdose so we may never really know what happened to Nicholas Barclay. Frederic Bourdin spent six years in jail for his fraud and impersonations where he continued to try impersonating missing children. After being released from jail he ended up getting married and having children. Who would marry him!?

Nicholas Barclay’s remains still have not been found and this is still a cold case. Do you think that Nicholas really did run away or get kidnapped? Or do you believe the family had something to do with it? Let me know what you think! I personally think someone in the family did it, most likely Jason, and the family is covering it up.

What Happened to Macin Smith?

The disappearance of Macin Smith is a pretty popular one with so many questions and theories. This case is different from many missing persons cases because no foul play seems to be involved. There are multiple groups and Facebook pages dedicated to finding him and his family is still doing a great job of spreading awareness. I will post the link to the Macin’s Army Facebook page created by his family if you want to check it out or if anyone possibly has any information on his disappearance.  Macins army Facebook page


Macin was 17 years old when he disappeared on September 1, 2015 from St. George Utah. He is 6’4 and weighs 200 pounds. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Macin and his family had lived in Canada before they moved to Utah for his fathers work. His siblings were older and had already moved out, and his father was working in a different city so it was pretty much just Macin and his mother Tracey. That was no problem for Macin however because he was very close with his mother. It is important to note that Macin struggled with depression while back in Canada. He was getting bullied in school due to a mild speech impediment he had. Macin even ran away before in 2013 after getting into an argument with his father over using electronic devices. He returned home after only two short hours. He seemed happier once they moved to Utah however and the family saw this as a fresh start for him.

The Disappearance

The night before Macin disppeared his father caught him using his laptop and cell phone past curfew. His parents did not like him staying up late using his electronics on a school night. So his father, Darren Smith, confiscated his laptop and cell phone and they went back to bed. The next morning, September 1, everything seemed pretty normal. His parents heard him getting up and getting ready for school in the morning just as he had every other morning. They then heard the garage door open and close around the time that he usually leaves for the bus, so nothing seemed unusual to them. However Macin would never be heard from or seen again after that. Macin and his father had scheduled a driving lesson together for that day after school, so his father was at home waiting for Macin to get back from school, but he never came back. They then got an email from Macins school informing them that he had never showed up to school that day. His parents were a little worried but they figured he was just mad about getting his things taken away and went off to be alone for a little while. Even so they started driving around town to look for him. When his parents couldn’t locate him and he didn’t show up at his curfew, 10 pm, they immediately called the police. Remember his phone was taken away the previous night and Macin never cared to get it so he did not even have a cell phone on him.

The policeman said he would keep an eye out for Macin that night and after not seeing him considered him a runaway. After all he was angry at his parents the previous night and had a history of running away once before. His parents then discovered that Macins room had been locked, which was very unusual. They broke into the room and discovered some very odd things. Macins school books were stuffed under a bunch of clothes in his closet meaning he never intended to go to school that morning. They also found his wallet hidden deep in his nightstand with his ID and all of his money still inside. This obviously worried his parents because this means he left the house that morning with no money, ID, or cell phone. This makes it seem as though he wasn’t planning on coming home. The police got into Macins phone and laptop and found no answers. He was just watching youtube and anime however there was nothing suspicious besides the fact they he deleted his search history around 2 am that night before his things were taken away. After all of this the parents started making flyers and forming public searches. His story was on the news to reach the rest of the country.

 Tips and Clues

Eventually a couple tips came in saying they saw Macin the day he disappeared holding a sign saying he wanted to go to Vegas. Around that same time there were tips coming in from Vegas claiming they had seen Macin. This made the parents very hopeful so Macins father darren went to Vegas himself to look for Macin. Unfortunately after watching security footage of the boy hitchhiking to Vegas they discovered that it was not even Macin, so the case came back to a dead end. Then on September 7, 6 days after Macin had disappeared, his parents decided to search his wallet again for clues and found 3 pieces of paper folded over many times. The letters were handwritten by Macin himself and contained very dark and personal things that the family did not want to release. The parents did say that the letter contained Macins personal struggles and it seemed like a suicide letter. This made not only Macins family extremely sad, but their whole community. People came together and ran search after search with police dogs and even a helicopter to find Macin.

Tracey, Macins mother, remembered a conversation she had had with him. In this conversation Macin tells her that he wishes he could just run away from everything and go live in California. California was pretty special to the family because they always went on vacation there. During the conversation Macin seemed to have everything planned out on what he would do once he got to California and went into pretty specific details. In a joking matter Tracey said “Just make sure you tell me before you do” never thinking this would actually happen, and Macin replied saying “I probably wouldn’t”. This is obviously pretty important to the case now and his mother started believing that is exactly what he had done. A family friend then said that she had that same exact conversation with Macin and it seemed as if he had actually researched this. At this point Macin running away to California is much better than him committing suicide.

After a little while another tip came in from a woman that lived in Macins neighborhood. She was taking her daughter to dance class and says she saw Macin walking on the road away from his house around 3 pm on the day that he disappeared. She is a pretty credible source because she lived in his neighborhood and went to the same church as him, so she would know him if she saw him. Also 3 pm would be around the time he was supposed to be coming home from school. Maybe he started to go home so his parents would believe that he went to school and then changed his mind. Between then and now not much more information has been found. Many tips still come in however none of them have proven to be Macin. There has been bodies and bones found near his home and once again none of them have been him.


This leads us to the theories. There are really two main theories about what could have happened to Macin. The first being that he committed suicide and the second being that he is still out there somewhere living a different life. Macin had been depressed and wrote that long, sad letter which seemed to be a suicide note. He left with nothing but the clothes on his back which indicates he had no intentions of coming back. The only thing that doesn’t match with the suicide theory is the fact that no body has been found. Yes he could have gone deep into a desert or into some body of water but it is still pretty unusual to not find a body, especially after how many searches have been done and how far they went with these searches. After all, a dead body cannot hide itself. The things Macin said about running away to California and the fact that no body has been found after almost 3 years shows that it is very possible. Many people believe that he goes from homeless shelter to homeless shelter and is out there somewhere.

Tips still come in all the time and his public Facebook page is always posting updates. Everyone wants to know what happened to Macin Smith. I believe this case has a good chance to be solved one day and Macin may even be returned home. If not that then I hope his family can at least get closure one day. I believe that either of these theories could be true, let me know what you think happened to Macin.

Introduction Post, Welcome!

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